Every construction project is a prototype and because of this change, is inevitable. That change may involve increases in quantity, changes in quality or adjustments to the time available for the works. All change brings with it challenges and it is how those challenges are resolved that can make a difference. Increasingly my clients appreciate the merits of engaging my claims management services from the outset of a construction project, rather than waiting until a problem, claim or dispute has developed.

We also know that many claims and disputes can be avoided altogether and most can be reduced significantly, if addressed in the right way and at the right time. Challenges arise, but it is how you resolve them that will make the difference.

  • My involvement in the management of claims has directly resulted in:
  • Avoidance of claims and/ or a reduction in the number of claims
  • Reduced cost of claims
  • Improved recovery and proper evaluation of claims received
  • Avoidance of costly disputes, as issues are dealt with contemporaneously
  • Improved project monitoring
  • Time constraints and budgets being met

The Need for Claims Management Services 

From a period of unprecedented growth the construction industry has recently experienced a rapid change in fortunes with the onset of the global recession resulting in the postponement or cancellation of many major projects. All the signs now are that a period of intense competition is to be expected as demand outstrips supply. The legacy of completing existing projects, many of which have suffered delays and cost overruns, together with
securing and undertaking new work with largely unfavourable terms and conditions means that contractors and clients alike will be confronted with substantial risks. The challenges of achieving successful project delivery have therefore significantly increased.

I am able to help my clients face these challenges by working with them at each stage of the project lifecycle; from conception through completion.
My pre-contract services aim to ensure that project and business objectives are taken into account and incorporated during the planning phase. We know that historically as many as 80% of disputes arise as a result of pre contract issues. Thus our main focus is on managing contractual and commercial risk ‘up front’ in order to avoid problems or to find ways to minimize their impact during the project execution phase.

Claims Management Services include:

  • Claims avoidance
  • Issue analysis
  • Establishment of causation
  • Cost recovery
  • Damage assessment
  • Schedule and delay analysis
  • Claims preparation
  • Claims resolution
  • Contractual advice
  • Negotiation support
  • Construction audits
  • Claims review