FIDIC Rainbow

FIDIC Rainbow

It is known that the old set of FIDIC books were divided into ‘’Red’’ and ’’Yellow’’  forms on the basis of the type of the Project to be constructed. However the new forms are divided on the basis of who designs the Project and the answer to the question which form is suitable for a particular Project depends on who bears the design responsibility!

I provide FIDIC contracts training for small and large groups of practitioners such as project Directors, Project Managers, contract administrators, Resident Engineers, Construction Supervisors, Accountants and Auditors.

I can arrange in-house seminars which can follow either of my standard seminar programmes or which can be tailored to your company’s needs. The seminars generally take place over 2 days. Timing and content can be flexible to suit your individual needs.

Please find here the sample slides for three days FIDIC Standards in Construction Contract Drafting training we have performed jointly with White & Case London Office for the delegates of IRAQ PROVINCIAL INVESTMENT COMMISSIONS in Istanbul.

Expert In-Company Training on FIDIC Contracts and Claims

Could your company benefit from an in-house training seminar focusing on

·        The practical use of FIDIC Contracts
·         Managing, defending and making FIDIC Claims?

Why In-House training can work well for your organization

* I can work with your own contracts – your particular conditions and your problems.
* I can be frank and open, minimizing problems of confidentiality
* The whole course can be tailored towards specific areas and focus on topics relevant to your organization.
* I can cover all the contracts in the FIDIC suite, or just one or two, depending on your needs.
* Participants gain a common understanding of the FIDIC contracts and claims procedures
* Create a team vision and “buy in” at all levels of the organization.
* No travel and accommodation costs or wasted travel time for your participants
* Allows choice of seminar dates and length, minimizing disruption to the company
* These  training courses can be run on your company premises
* Choice of the number and level of participants – economical on a per-participant basis.
* You may decide to have me stay an additional day to provide detailed one-on-one discussions

Moreover, distinctive from most of other trainers and lecturers,  in my trainings I try to address the practical and procedural issues regarding arbitration and dispute resolution (DAB) experienced by Civil Law Practitioners using FIDIC forms of Contract and Common Law practitioners who work under Civil Law conditions.

I have been involved in several international arbitration cases where the disputes were arising from different forms of FIDIC contracts, 1987 Red Book, 1987 Yellow Book, 1995 Orange Book, 1999 Red, Yellow and Silver Books.

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International Construction Arbitration Practice

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